Planned Parenthood Federation of America

The organization is responsible for providing vital reproductive healthcare, information and sex education to millions of men, women and youth across the United States. The organization along with its team of highly skilled healthcare professionals offers high quality medical care to teens, women and men at affordable rates. Planned Parenthood Federation of America has around 83 affiliates which are locally governed across the United States operating more than 800 healthcare centers catering to the diverse needs of various communities.

The healthcare centers affiliated to Planned Parenthood Federation of America provide a wide range of healthcare facilities which includes preventive and primary care to avoid unintended pregnancies by using suitable contraceptives. It also helps prevent sexually transmitted infections by conducting tests and offering treatments, screening for cervical and other cancers as well. Trained physicians and nurses encourage questions and educate the patients by clearing their doubts and queries regarding sexual health.

The organization is also responsible for providing sex education to the American communities. The team of highly skilled professionals provides medically accurate information to millions of men, women and teens, which will help them in making informed choices and also minimizing the rate of teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.

The federation also advocates for policies that will allow the American citizens to gain access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive healthcare and related information. The network of volunteers, supporters, activists and donors get actively involved in various campaigns across the nation to advance and protect women's rights and their health.


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